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Reinvent the Customer Experience

It's all about the experience – how your customers feel whenever they interact with you. At Skipmenu, we make those feelings not only good, but something worth talking about.

Our goal, simply, is to simplify customer support for both businesses and their customers. Skipmenu Visual IVR blends best practices in UX design and function to bridge the gap between telephony, customer service and consumer technology. By empowering customers to use self-service options and automated workarounds, Skipmenu reduces contact centre costs while delivering a superior user experience on smartphones. Your humble IVR becomes a media-rich multi-channel platform that engages, retains and converts consumers. So your agents can focus on what they do best: making your customers happy.

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Who We Are

Skipmenu was founded in 2012 by an experienced team of digital solution providers, dedicated to enhancing customer service technologies. Everyday, thousands of users converse with businesses through Skipmenu mobile, web, and chat applications. We currently have offices in Hamburg, Ottawa, and Hong Kong, where we are under incubation by the Swire Group. We have more than tripled our growth since launching by serving exemplary customer experiences for companies of all verticals.

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