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Turn Voice into Visual

Your customers HATE the traditional IVR - callers get misrouted through a unidirectional audio dump of menu options or simply drop off due to frustration. The result: wasted (expensive) agent time and missed sales revenue from call leads!

Solution: transform your audio IVR into a visual IVR. Callers can navigate the menu 4-5x faster, lowering your call centre costs. With visual, marketing possibilities are endless.

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Why Skipmenu Visual IVR?

Improve contact centre KPIs with Skipmenu visual IVR. Our navigational interface bridges the gap between traditional voice support, mobile and self-service while delivering exceptional customer service satisfaction.

Visual Navigation

Increase accurate menu selections, lowering call-handling time and improving first-contact resolution rates. A visual IVR will save on average 60 seconds off each call.

Information-Rich Input

Caller can effortlessly key in alphanumeric data, like membership numbers

Plug-and-Play Integration

Easily integrate Skipmenu into your existing call centre system - no hardware needed. Choose from deep integration (into your own app) or host it on Skipmenu's consumer app at no additional charge.

Skipmenu Visual IVR with display ads

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Say goodbye to audio ads that annoy your callers. Maximize ROI by displaying upsell, cross-sell, or retention offers in your visual IVR. Advertising possibilities are endless with visual.

Omni-Channel Experience

Redirect the caller to chat, email, self-serve options, FAQs, callback request, or a chatbot to facilitate an informed interaction.

Secure Communication

Secure all data exchanges made between the caller and the visual IVR


Automate, personalize and engage

Your Visual IVR is a Virtual Personal Assistant

Some customers prefer chat. Service them off the call channel with a virtual chat assistant on Facebook Messenger, on a website or in an app.

Our chatbot navigates “callers” through self-service menu options and automates agent replies using natural language and intelligent dialogue.

Use Cases

Implement Skipmenu visual IVR whenever you need to simplify caller routing. Tailor our visual IVR to your business strategy and operations.

Skipmenu Visual IVR for Airlines

Airline: Upsell

Visual IVR helps major airline generate more revenue from its phone support channel

A major airline neglects using its customer service hotline as a marketing channel. Skipmenu designs and delivers a visual IVR solution to monetize inbound calls.


The airline’s IVR has long sections of promotional messages through which customers must sit through in order to proceed. Caller frustration results in long wait times and low customer satisfaction. Additionally, the audio promotional messages were ineffective – only a small percentage of callers proceeded to ask the agent about the presented offer.


Skipmenu pilots a discovery project to uncover the most used IVR paths of specific customer segments. Using these findings, we design a new visual IVR, converting voice menu options and ads into a mobile-friendly interface. Menu options and ads are strategically positioned to optimize usability and conversion.


  • Reduction in average IVR navigation time
  • Increases in enquiries for displayed offers (seat upgrades, loyalty program signups)
  • Increase in Net Promotor Score
Skipmenu Visual Interactive Voice Response system for banks and financial institutions

Bank: Sale Recovery

Bank Finds Positive ROI with Investment in Skipmenu Visual IVR

Although financial enquiries are often sensitive and high-touch, a large proportion comprises basic enquiries. A bank wants to automate some of its call handling without compromising the human aspect of customer service. This means deploying an IVR solution that’s conversational, automated and user-friendly.


The bank’s audio IVR can provide various quotes (e.g. foreign exchange, time deposits, etc.), but it is an unintuitive mobile experience that involves continually switching back and forth between listening and typing. As result, many choose to simply ask the agent about a rate, leading to inefficient use of agent time.


Skipmenu conducts a pilot study to determine the most frequent uses of the bank IVR, and finds that most calls relate to a few types of enquiries. A bespoke visual IVR with rate calculator functionalities is created to divert these calls to self-service resolution, allowing agents to focus on higher-value interactions.


  • Reduction in call volume
  • Increase in Net Promotor Score
Skipmenu visual IVR (VIVR) for insurance companies

Insurance: NPS Survey

Visual IVR raises customer service satisfaction levels for an insurance company

Skipmenu provides a visual IVR solution to collect feedback at the right time and place


An insurer finds that a large percentage of callers are zero-ing out of their audio IVR, increasing average call handling times. In addition, customers are also not responding to post-call feedback surveys.


A pilot study reveals that most inbound calls occur for a handful of reasons, such as filing claims, windshield repair and getting a quote. Based on this information, Skipmenu designs and implements a visual IVR to properly route callers. The visual IVR also includes a post-call survey, to capture user feedback right when and where it matters.


  • Exponential improvements in survey response rates
  • Reduction in zero-out rates
  • Improvements in self-service resolution rates
Skipmenu Visual IVR for Restaurants and Food Establishments

Restaurant: Food Menu

Skipmenu makes it easy for callers to order from a restaurant

A restaurant handling a large volume of orders by phone uses Skipmenu visual IVR to present dynamic offers to callers


A restaurant primarily serving the lunch crowd receives most of its takeout and pickup orders by phone. Their print-only menu is insufficient to generate upsells and increase average basket size. Customers also are often unaware of new menu items and promotional offers.


Skipmenu intercepts the call with a visual IVR displaying the restaurant’s most popular and featured product offerings, as well as timely promotions.


  • Substantial improvements in upsell conversions
  • Increase in repeat customers
  • Increase in average order size
Skipmenu Visual IVR for website FAQs

Website: FAQ

Skipmenu visual IVR facilitates seamless interactions between an ecommerce retailer and its customers

A visual IVR acting as a self-service helpdesk decreases stress and time spent on support


An online retailer with a reputation for customer-centricity faces a challenge providing support across multiple platforms and devices, especially with limited resources.


Skipmenu pilots a visual IVR and chatbot integrated with the retailer’s existing knowledgebase, allowing customers to help themselves to FAQs, automated solutions and workarounds. This visual IVR is positioned to intercept the click-to-call action on the retailer’s site to maximize adoption, while the chatbot serves users who favour text messaging platforms. Skipmenu also injects banner ads into select branches of the IVR to maximize sales opportunities.


  • Improvements in filtration of phone support requests and leads
  • Increase in customer satisfaction on support ratings
  • Uptick in sales from return customers
Skipmenu Chatbot from a Visual IVR

Chatbot: Navigational self-service

Skipmenu powers online retailer with a chatbot engine to automate customer care worth talking about

Skipmenu visual IVR becomes each customer’s virtual personal assistant, delivering answers via instant replies and personalized conversations.


An online global retailer needs to reinvent and boost their customer service, but lacks the resources necessary to deploy a 24/7 multilingual team of agents.


Using information from a visual IVR designed for the same retailer’s phone support channel, Skipmenu creates a chatbot on Facebook Messenger and web to service users who prefer those platforms. In addition to answering common queries, the chatbot also automatically presents products and offers with interactive visual content based on real-time conversational analysis.


  • Increase in user engagement and retention rates, as well as positive customer sentiment
  • Increase in new subscribers from Messenger chat
  • Reduction in handling time for support tickets

Reduce Agent Load

Reduce call volumes by promoting fast, efficient self-service options or automated solutions.


Increase Sales

Promote products and offers with rich, interactive visual content.


Upgrade to Multi-Channel

Be where your customers are. Engage and convert at all points of the customer journey.


Boost Brand Loyalty

Create a positive impression of your brand by showing your dedication to providing stellar customer service.

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